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REX 2.0 is flexible staking.
A Crypto Certificate of Deposit
Triple-audited. Launched 2022.

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To manage REX tokens and stakes, open your preferred software wallet (metamask, trustwallet or such) and navigate to app.bsc-rex.io




About REX

REX is the first Certificate of Deposit (CD) token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It's a crypto currency with an integrated savings account, where participants may create their own deposits (or "stakes") to earn REX rewards. REX is triple-audited and runs since mid 2022.

According to coinmarketcap, REX is a leader in the CD sector on BNB Smart Chain.

Find helpful explainer videos on cryptocurrencies and REX in the REX University.

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REX token


Contract address:



Code (published, verified, triple-audited): bscscan.com


Tracker/holder: bscscan.com token tracker and top-100 holder


Charts: dextools.iopoocoin.app | Coinmarketcap


To hold and manage REX (XRX) tokens and REX stakes, you will need a software wallet, like metamask.io on your mobile phone or PC/Mac. With your wallet installed and funded, you may swap other tokens, like BNB or BUSD, for REX (XRX) via pancakeswap.finance (find "slippage" and set it to 0.5%) and then use the dApp to create and manage your stakes.

For details, please read the whitepaper.

To get started, get some REX (XRX) from PancakeSwap or use the poocoin widget below. There are no taxes in REX - you may set the slippage to 0.5%.


If you have REX or REX STAKES already, manage them in the linked web3 dAPP.

Use the public Contract Security Checker to learn about the REX security


Contract: 0xb25583E5e2dB32b7FCbffe3f5e8E305C36157E54

The "Security Checker" is very useful and the results are interesting to understand REX security, ownership and general and specific risks related to the contract design. Please note, it will show a "Mint function" risk that is obsolete at this point and shall be addressed here: In the beginning of REX, there was an "Auction Phase" and an "Airdrop Phase", where those two contracts were (of course) able to mint REX tokens for the participants, resulting in the risk warning. Please acknowledge, as the airdrop and auction phase is over, the REX contract cannot mint any more tokens in this regard and so the warning is obsolete. The contract source code is public and might want to check the lines (1481-1489) yourself. Thanks for reading this!

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